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Systemic Drugs in the Top 100 With No Reported Ocular Side Effects
Brand name Generic Indication
Accupril quinapril hypertension
Altace ramipril hypertension, congestive heart failure
Amoxil amoxicillin infection
Atrovent* ipatropium bromideasthma asthma
Axid nizatidine ulcers
Betaseron* interferon beta-1b multiple sclerosis
Biaxin clarithromycin infection
Buspar buspirone anxiety
Cardura doxazosin benign prostate hypertrophy and hypertension
Claritin loratadine allergy
Clozaril clozapine psychotic disorders
Cozaar/Hyzaar* losartan hypertension
Depo-Provera medroxyprogesterone secondary amenorrhea and endometrial renal cancer
Diflucan fluconazole fungal infections
Engerix-B recombinant hepatitis B Prevention of hepatitis B
Estraderm estradiol estrogen replacement
Genotropin somatropin growth failure in children
Glucophage* metformin non insulin-dependent diabetes
Hytrin terazosin benign prostate hypertrophy and hypertension
Imitrex sumatriptan migraine
Kytril* granisetron nausea and vomiting
Lamisil terbinafine fungal infection
Lescol* fluvastatin sodium cholesterol reduction
Lodine etodolac arthritis
Lotensin benazepril hypertension
Lovenox enoxiparin deep vein thrombosis
Mevacor lovastatin cholesterol reduction
Neupogen filgrastim restoration of white blood cells
Nizoral ketoconazole fungal infections fungal infections
Norvasc amlopidine hypertension, angina
Optiray* ioversol tomography, urography and angiography
Paraplatin carboplatin ovarian cancer
Paxil paroxetine depression
Pepcid famotidine ulcers
Pravachol pravastatin cholesterol reduction
Premarin conjugated estrogen estrogen replacement
Prilosec/Losec omeprazole ulcers
Primaxin imipenem-cilastatin infection
Prinivil/Prinzide lisinopril hypertension, congestive heart failure
Propulsid Cisapride gastroesophageal reflux disease
Proscar finasteride infection
Relafen nabumetone arthritis
Risperdal risperidone psychotic disorders
Seldane terfenadine allergy
Serevent salmeterol asthma
Sporanox itraconazole fungal infections
Taxol paclitaxel ovarian and breast cancer
Trental pentoxifylline circulation enhancement
Voltaren diclofenac arthritis
Zaditen* ketotifen allergies, asthma
Zestril lisinopril hypertension
Zithromax asithromycin infection
Zocor simvastatin cholesterol reduction
Zofran ondansetron nausea and vomiting
Zoladex goserelin breast and prostate cancer
Zoloft sertraline depression

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